Jon Taylor - Art Resume

Jon Taylor 

Seattle Print Arts
Jon Taylor is a continuing member of Seattle Print Arts and former board member.  Jon was active for over a decade in Painters Under Pressure, an SPA salon of 6-8 artists who met monthly to discuss art and printmaking.  As a recipient of one the early Pentheraoudakis/Pratt scholarships for printmaking, he concentrated on unique plate-making techniques including sewn leather, cardboard, wood and large scale printing stamps from those materials.

Personal Art and Design Demonstrations
Jon has participated in several demonstrations and talks about art, the design process and printmaking through Seattle Print Arts, Callison Architecture’s Cal U and Collins Woerman’s continuing education.

Continuing Art Education
Jon studied architecture at the University of Oregon and took many art classes as electives.  He has taken numerous printmaking and art classes at Pratt Fine Arts in Seattle and two – one week long classes in copperplate instruction at Crown Point Press in San Francisco.  Jon has audited painting and printmaking classes at Seattle Central Community College.

Jon has rented studio space in Post Alley and First Avenue South. He is currently developing and consolidating studio spaces on two properties in Wallingford.  In addition to his artwork Jon is an architect and planner and continually designs and updates the studios with focus on art, architecture, design, natural light, outdoor spaces, economy, functionality, energy efficiency and flexibility for studio work and open houses. In the future he hopes to use the spaces for demonstrations and classes.

Current studio spaces include:

  • Printmaking and painting studio with two intaglio presses, water table, inking table, paper storage, large work tables, large pin-up space, industrial sewing machines – 425 SF. An additional adjacent outside area of 144 SF including 100 SF of often partially weather protected area for messy or ventilation intensive processes like welding, cutting, grinding and some painting processes like spraying.
  • Small studio for drawing, office, printmaking and storage area – 150 SF.
  • Full wood shop – 230 SF
  • Study and storage area – 120 SF
  • Sheet metal and soldering, ceramics and warm glass studio with computer-controlled kiln, wheel and ventilated work area – 160 SF

Artistic and Architectural Work
Jon is at ease producing conceptual, schematic, development and detailed physical models. Some of this expertise has been used in producing artwork. Additional hand and computer drawing has crossed over into both arenas. Examples can be seen in Jon’s architectural portfolio:

Artwork Categories

  • Painting: Acrylic, oil, gouache, watercolor, encaustic.
  • Sculpture: Wood, resin, plaster, acrylic sheet, steel, sheet metal, ceramics, glass, 3D fused filament printing.
  • Ceramics: Medium to high fire porcelain, earthenware clays and low and high fire glazing.
  • Glass: Fusing, slumping, warm cast glass.
  • Printmaking:  Intaglio and relief with etched and dry point in copper; tooled, industrial sewn and sealed leather; mixed media collagraph plates; lino and wood cuts.
  • Photography: Digital capture and archival printing. Film photography in 35mm, 120mm, 4×5 and 8 x 10 inch negatives, complete darkroom. Cross over printing and development processes transferred or adhered and/or attached to artwork supports or work.
  • Sewing: paper, fabric, leather, metal. A wide range of over a dozen sewing machines for different processes for flat art and sculpture.


Art Experience

  • Sculpture, photograph and quotes themed for Easter, Seattle Times, 2017
  • Johnston Architects gallery show , Fremont, "Industry Simplified"2016
  • Captain's Gallery show "Prints, Paintings and Sculpture", Ballard, 2016
  • Skagit Valley College Gallery show and lecture, 2015
  • Solo Ballard Lofts gallery, 2014
  • Gatewood B and B, paintings and sculpture, 2014
  • Group photography show UW Medical Center gallery and Harborview gallery, 2013
  • Seattle Print Arts Salon "Painters under Pressure"(PUPs) member 2005- present. Disbanded in 2016, PUPs Facebook page continues.
  • Seattle Print Arts board member 2003-2007
  • Seattle Print Arts member 2003-present
  • Participant in Henry Art Gallery’s “Big Bang Birthday Bash” 2007
  • Crown Point Press, one week copperplate/etching workshops, San Francisco, 2000 and 2006
  • Group show, Painters Under Pressure, Sev Shoon Art Gallery, 2006
  • Chair, Washington State American Institute of Architects Honor Awards Committee 2005
  • Jitterbug Café, Solo show 2004
  • SPA Group show, Print Arts Northwest, Portland, OR 2003
  • Pentheraoudakis / Seattle Print Arts Pratt Scholarship recipient 2003
  • Taylor Art House, Pike Place Studio, “Kites and Houses” 2002