Film Photography

I started out with still film in high school in the late 1960s buying a Mamiya Sekor 35mm camera.  I have been mostly digital for all of this century.  I started getting back into film in 2007 by buying a Mamiya RZ67, named for the predominate film back on the camera giving a 6×7 cm image on the film. Later I bought a Horseman 4×5 inch camera and have been making pinhole cameras because of the influence of family friend and workmate on the Sea Tac rental car facility, Jen Dalley, partner at Parallel Lines Studio in Ely, Nevada.  The nuances of developing film and enlarging and developing prints have expanded my knowledge of photography while taking the Certificate for Photography program at University of Washington during the 2012-2013 school year.

There are a couple of images of sewn photographic paper composites using partial development of the print by pouring developer on the print paper that has just had a new image exposed onto the sensitized surface. ….better living through chemicals…See the blog for more information.

The sewn development flow pieces were accepted in:

Blue Sky’s Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers, Portland, Oregon , juried selection 2013.

More examples can be seen in the blog entry “Sewn silver based photographs”.