About Jon Taylor and Taylor Art House

Jon loves to draw and has enjoyed putting marks on paper and gesso on panel and canvas for decades.  Jon has learned many art techniques over the years in painting, printmaking, film and digital photography, model-making and sculpture. In his architectural career he has used watercolor, acrylic, model building, printmaking, photography and many combinations of electronic programs and tactile artwork to help present architectural concepts and ideas.  Jon has been a board member of Seattle Print Arts and is still an active member. Jon loves art.

Jon Taylor started Taylor Art House in 2000 to make a web-based portfolio of his artwork.

The Taylor Art House site includes examples of Jon's artwork, his blog about the art he's creating here and now as well as his architecture portfolio and resume. If you want to see the art in person, if you are interested in teaming on projects, want to know more about Jon's art or architecture, would like Jon to lecture about his art, design process or techniques, want to include art in a show,  or understand more about Jon's architectural services- please fill out our Contact form

Things To-Do:

  • Purchase Jon Taylor's art, please visit the Taylor Art House Shop
  • Find out about upcoming Events - current shows, openings and other events that include Jon's work or talks.
  • Have a look at Jon Taylor's Architecture Resume, Portfolio and see his Projects.
  • Read Jon Taylor's Art Resume to see how he can do all of this art!