Factory Film Sculpture Prototype

  While taking the Certificate for Photography Program at the University of Washington this term, I was in the darkroom as much as possible.  I would do my own film developing at home for my 4x5 negatives then take them to the Art Building darkroom to do contact prints and enlarging on photographic paper.

I decided for the last critique of the class I would do some architectural /art drawings based on the factory paintings and sculptures I did earlier this year. I scanned the Sumi/watercolor/ink drawings and inverted them in Photoshop then inkjet printed them.  Lights and camera were set up and the inkjets were pinned to a wall, the negatives were developed and dried then cutout with a sharp hobby knife.  This prototype was taped together with a couple of different Scotch tapes.  Not sure what the next batch is going to be, but I think I will shoot the next negatives in a n 8x10 format. Fun!


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