Wood and Stainless Steel Sculpture

These sculptures are a mix of the properties and aesthetics of the cedar, fir, basswood, cherry, maple or varieties of other woods and plywoods and how they are fastened and adhered together. The largest is 9x12x 7 inches high and the rest range down to a little bit less.  Five of them have truncated cones that have some kind of turned stainless steel lozenges custom milled by others.  The machine or apparatus of the stainless steel components and the turned wood structure could be used for energy or atmospheric modifications.  In some projects there are rumors of secretive or questionable practices by stealth government agencies and collaborations with large corporations or other countries.  Many years of driving around  Eastern Oregon, Washington and Idaho, the Willamette Valley in Oregon or near Yakima with vast expanses of land where every once in awhile is a dam in the hills, a ski resort, a power plant, bombing range or smudge pots and large blowers and recently large wind turbines. These real life observations coupled with an architectural background that included interpretive and learning centers for cultural, natural or scientific sites has led to some of the order and compositions of the sculpture.  Included in this post is a painting that also inspired this work.  These sculptures may be scanned someday and replicated in cast aluminum or bronze.  Certainly more wooden and /or metal sculptures will spring from these ideas.  Several finishes have been tried over the years to easily clean off the dust and grime. Hopefully this back to basics linseed oil and modified linseed oil will do the trick.  Some of these works will probably get a layer of spray paint or oil or acrylic paint applied before and sometimes after the oil finish. Several of these pieces will be displayed at the Gatewood B and B in West Seattle.


Multi lam plywood base with scrap wood runners below.  Cedar machine base, stainless steel washers and lozenge with hidden brazed rod epoxied into cedar, basswood buildings, carbon applied to notch cut into one building for beam rail path into space. Maybe for measuring the space/time continuum?  7 x 12 x 6.25h inches.




Thick Douglas fir plywood with Baltic birch and scrap cherry plywood to slant bottom of administration building attached with stainless steel brads and glue. All building components are basswood. Stainless steel components are epoxied to cone and wood is glued and doweled to base.  Power transfer and flux building is book-matched and glued then shaped and sanded.  Carved entry and exit portals are marked with graphite lead. Powered beams are focused and directed to the flux building then energy is shaped and dispersed to the atmosphere.  Government officials believe the atmosphere withing 100 kilometers is much healthier and has the data to prove it.  Mysterious Russian markings indicate a cooperative venture. Some skeptics believe there is an artificial subterranean exotic mineral extraction site that diverts half of the energy.  Each country dismisses this suggestion as fantasy, but can't prove massive energy losses  before modifications to the atmosphere.



Engineered flooring sample with Douglas fir runners.  Hard rock clear maple turned, shaped and sanded then assembled with hidden glued dowels between components and base. Stainless steel lozenge with hidden brazed rod and washers epoxied to cone.  Focused beam with stainless steel accelerating rings epoxied into slots of thin support building.  Advanced assembly is powerful enough to focus energy transfer for space station and space craft fueling over long distances.  Also used for controversial military operations with ground and space controlled satellites mounted with foucussing and aiming mirror arrays.  Activist non-government approved research shows bird populations in vicinity of beam have been drastically reduced since inception of assembly.  Unexplained commercial atmospheric flight disappearances have caused concerns, local and national government agencies are quiet about this heavily guarded project.



Thick solid one piece basswood base with Baltic birch ply machine cone lower buildings and basswood cone and greenhouse buildings glued to base. Stainless steel washers and lozenge with hidden brazed rod epoxied into cone. Machine for air quality and weather modification serving more than this one greenhouse in public owned and maintained agricultural/atmospheric district.  Public accessible property with interpretive center in machine base buildings.



Base and runners from Douglas Fir, "machine" base and "buildings" from cedar., turned on a lathe or cleaved from thick chunks of cedar scrap, glued to base. Cone shape was top drilled to take turning stainless steel lozenge , lozenge seat and roller bearing assembly epoxied into hole. This lozenge actually turns 360 degrees . Most wood milling is preformed by a 12 inch stationary disk sander. 7.25 x 10.125 x 8.25h inches. One of the least controversial energy/environmental advancement projects run transparently by a consortium of scientific universities around the globe.



18" x 24" Acrylic and graphite on wood panel.