Double Exposure Project Update 2


Two new developments:

A refinement to the backdrops and producing a film mask.


Back drops:

We were blessed with a visit in the midst of a busy schedule of an old friend visiting her parents in Bellevue with her 15 year old daughter.  I asked if they could try out some new backdrops I had positioned under a white tent. Her daughter was game and I took several images of her and myself in this mid August shoot. These were all shot with a Horseman 4x5 view camera with a 90mm wide angle lens and a Fuji instant filmpack back.  Instant film was scanned with a Epson V500 Photo scanner at 400 dpi with a dust removal program.













Film Mask development:

After the shoot, an extra dark slide was sacrificed for a "portrait mask"  Here are some images of the standard double sided 4 x 5 film holder with a full dark slide and the modified dark slide made into the portrait mask.

To differentiate the portrait mask from the silver or white used on all other dark slides the mask top was painted orange.