New Shutter from floppy disk, Legos, etc.

  I cruise the Web for all sorts of cheap ways to make components for large format cameras.  I have seen several shutters for pinhole cameras made using floppy disks.  The recently built  4x5 camera needed a better shutter than the taped black piece of paper that was being used.  Shutter speeds are pretty slow for pinhole cameras, so time or vibrations are not as critical as cameras with the relatively large openings in glass lens.  This shutter was cut down with a band saw and the rough edge was sanded.  The floppy memory material was removed.   A Lego "handle" was cut in half and one piece was epoxied to the slide and the other was attached above the slide on the body of the floppy case to act as eye hooks to make a frictionless path for the waxed thread (used for finishing off ropes for sailing).  Another Lego piece (white) was drilled and had a small v cut into the drilled hole and the hole was reamed to have a round glass bead seat into the bottom to hold the slide open.  That stop was epoxied to the lower part of the floppy. Two holes were drilled to the top and bottom of the floppy case for small stainless screws and washers to hold the shutter to the lens board in case another shutter wanted to be used or this one repaired.  The tolerances on the slide are such that there is still room for the mechanism to move freely and remain light tight.  On the photos of the open mode of the shutter you can see the brass sheet with the pinhole. This was not only fun to build and cost effective, it has very little vibration and is very effective and light proof.