Welding cart and construction

  If you buy a new piece of equipment it usually demands some additional tools and equipment.  Here is a list I personally use to make my welds safe for me and effective for the finished piece:


Specialized wire cutters to snip off the correct length of wire, a grinder and a portable metal cutting bandsaw.

Protective leather gloves, a mask for particulates and gasses, a cotton cap, a self-darkening welding helmet and a tank with carbon dioxide/argon mix shielding gas for cleaner welds.

A variety of Vise-grips, crecent wrenches, clamps, magnetic holders. There is much more, but these are the basics.


Storage for these usually requires a place for the tools and tool boxes for the smaller pieces and expendables.  For convenience a welding cart is a great way to get this family of welding equipment to a welding area and back to its storage area.

You can buy a commercial cart for all of this equipment, but I chose to take the long route and make my own.  I sized this cart to take another tank of gas for stainless steel or aluminum and an additional adjustable shelf for more tools and sized the top for room for another welder or plasma cutter.  I also used my favorite locking 4" casters from RH Brown.


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