Sculpture becomes Spacecraft

  I have given myself a goal of making 12 new sculptures by the end of the year.  Most are less than 100 square inches varying in height from a couple of inches to around ten inches.  Most are made of steel plate, used steel tools and formed pieces like angles and channels that are joined by MIG welding.  Added to some sculptures will be wood or pieces of acrylic.  The wood and acrylic may be adhered to the steel with screws or rivets or epoxy. A couple like the one below as no steel, just wood and acrylic resin.

This piece is a composite of 2 x 4 scraps - one kept silver from weathering - with added scraps of poured acrylic resin, dowels, and bamboo.  I really didn't have an idea of what it was going to be, I was just creating from scrap and constantly testing component forming on a band saw and disc sander and drilling dowels for the legs then checking composition of elements on top and adding bamboo antennae or feelers.


A friend of mine, Kim Krech had seen some of these at a party and was curious about them.  I told her I had made up a story about one of them, the piece pictured below.   She asked if I could come by Bellevue Community College and talk about this and other sculptures and architectural models in the context of concepts to her design students who are trying their hand at early idea models. I agreed I would.  More posts on the progress of the dozen sculptures will come in the following months.  Double click on the image below for a larger view.